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travel DMC receptive menorca

Menorca while the second largest island of the Balearic archipelago is located in the western Mediterranean about 250 km Airport Iberia are making the island capital of Mahon
The 668 square kilometers that make up the entire area of ​​the island of Menorca where is declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO variety of earth landscape planting northern sections of the fertile green hills and stone wall of kilometers from center

The megalithic monuments and impressive Falaise leading to the white sandy beaches and secluded coves to other children

Menorcan population of 92,441 and nearly 7,000 tourists visit did it every year told them I wanted a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm water, located in the extreme south of the island find funny the capital built on the impressive heights of cliff that forms the port of Mahon’s second largest natural harbor in Europe West extreme Citadel you will discover the ancient capital’s Northern largest district in the old city noble architecture has a warm atmosphere

Not far from the cinema in the extreme north of the island you will find the lighthouse at Punta Nati wind and the raging sea single deconstruction which serves as a shelter for animals to lead a print niska the main attractions of the island are certainly its beaches and natural coves blank there for everyone listening southern white sand beach surrounded by parking opposite the pine forest calm the critics and peaceful warm water and a transparent turquoise coast and north rugged left due to erosion caused by winds from the north wind sandblasting sand becomes thicker stands out for its terracotta color sheltered by cliffs we also find secluded beaches with golden sand and a lot of clicking to to explore

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If the location of the city has different defensive qualities what is the position of the Alcazar perched on the hill between two rivers and like the prow of a comprehensive walls ship this device City Segovia site occupied by the Iberians and especially Romans 17 he will try impressive monument of its size and above all perfectly preserved that is where it is the most important book of Roman Spain Toledo unlike the Arabs do remains in that territory after the reconquest by Christians against Christians by immigration promenade beyond the Pyrenees and also Jews who creates a cloth industry power with greater prosperity in the late Middle Ages lost its importance in Segovia discovery of America by trading places south of the country during the war of the communities she found herself in the wrong finally the French occupation in the 19th century a lot of destruction Since 1985 she enrolled in heritage UNESCO World construction of the beginner Alcazar fortress in the 11th century gentleman went mainly to 12th and 13th century it was never taken by Lenin and suffered several fires especially in 1262 and 1862 is used as a prison for state two centuries before becoming the seat of a military academy for artillery can still military archive center Cessou Philip after his marriage to Anne of Austria that were put on the slates pointed turrets giving some aspect of the castles of Central Europe the entrance corridor gives successively on a peristyle and a courtyard around which organizes the various rooms on the ground floor then enters a vast space where are exposed armor in the 16th century for knights

Lecuyer easily imagine that this is an essential character when it came to ride the lord or to help him remove his protective sabatons parts market up here is the throne room where took place many Royal wedding ceremony birth is different to the mid-16th century date of transfer of the court to Madrid the next room and dining ceremonial guarded by men in armor with hangings and mullioned window giving access to remote hilly landscape the look is also attracted by the coffered ceiling

The bedroom and darker but still with its hangings and ceiling work Moorish portico richly isolate us access to the large reception room of the palace with representation ceiling of all sovereigns who ruled the region
Parts crossing after waking always paint their wealth table tapestry ceilings stained glass boxes for a Catholic chapel royal dynasty that is naturally part of the decoration the last piece of the armor room will allow us to go out on the terrace somehow locations we discover the complexity of fortifications

House if a garden for the brave 166 running earlier in a spiral staircase you reach the top of the tower to enjoy a magnificent view of 360 degrees with a very clear sky in the distance the mountain range Sierra de Guadarrama we went through the tunnel coming from Madrid TGV snow is very rare for the season in our Alcazar roofs feet and the old town of Segovia we now leave the fortress continue southwest walls the city can already see the cathedral which dominates the other massive building imposing boundary wall is in perfect state of conservation around the city houses crowded against each other certain dates from the Middle Ages with their timbered structure in the Jewish quarter with its houses Senioriales witness to a glorious past but irretrievably gone very active especially in the field of manufacturing sheets Jews end up being excused from Segovia and throughout Spain in 1492

Segovia Cathedral is the last one that is the only one still in place is the last Gothic building constructed in Spain it is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption and as a patron of the city scooter with a consecration in 1768 the architect Juan Gil de montanum was inspired much of Isabelle Gothic style at the time but these trips led him to introduce Renaissance elements especially the sacristy portal beginner site in 1725 when the city was at the top of his splendor is said that the inhabitants Lyon enthusiastic volunteer occasionally demolishing empty Jewish houses following the expulsion of their owners it measures 100 meters long and 50 wide and 33 high building in Latin cross

In short, Segovia is a magical place where you can let your imagination enjoy the traces of time and the best Spanish cuisine.

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Carballo leisure tourists the charm of sacco its golden beaches and its natural ecosystem, but known community throughout Galicia for these specialties and for all leisure activities no concern to give the hotel establishments, are there for you to enjoy your stay and all the wonders of this Carballo terroir your expectations on a fill restaurants offering the best products from the land of the recreation house sea calm and tranquility to relax after a nice beach day places where the night of hotel establishments of all kinds to rest, here’s everything Carballo to offer you plenty of choice cleans teeth on whatever the type of activity chosen you will be satisfied.

Carballo best camping shout Galician dishes of the region testifies there is no institution on site which offers a small sample of the wealth to meet again after the fish room and seafood are honored the best vegetables from the vegetable fritters accompanied by Landion Essarts onion potato turnip 16 all washed down with a delicious wine is served with the famous Pont de Carballo crafted by artisans of the region and must not fail

Thanks to the quality of local products and the professionalism and expertise of the inhabitants of Carballo good times do you here will remain forever etched in your memory

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Amazing with a beautiful location with power perhaps too fantastic place to someone that knows more, I will present you the top 10 things you need to do or see in the Catalan capital

1.- Sagrada Familia hair Evelyne also the biggest tourist attraction of the city design began there more than a century still not completed to date today is there a trick of World Heritage disguise the most visited monument in Spain and its beauty will leave you

2.- Celine Dupuy Paseo de Gracia of Barcelona famous for its luxury offices and a paradise for freaks I have not found also find amazing building in the result of the work of Gaudi’s Casa Mila, also known as name of the sister of Merah and Casa Batllo

3.- The Ramblas this is also one of the most famous streets of Barcelona on 7 street we find the Boqueria market which is considered one of the best markets in the world for the quality of its fresh produce but also for its modern architecture blah saffron is also the location of the most prestigious hotel of the city the Liceu grand Theatre to finish at the end of the street next to the port you will find one of the symbolic elements of the city the statue of Christopher Columbus

4.- Another place you must see the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona’s oldest neighborhood of the city you will see the spectacular Gothic cathedral built between the 13th and 15th century not far from there you will find the place where Saint-Job are the Catalan public institutions as you stroll through this neighborhood will find a multitude of restaurant bar making it also a spot for nightlife ears

5.- Born fun neighborhood known for its perfect combination of modernity and tradition this is a place where one can resign small designer shops located in streets dating from medieval times unavoidable in the area are the palace Catalan music around the magnificent Gothic church scent of Santa Maria del Mar is the Picasso museum

6.- La Barceloneta, our next stop and the charming seaside village of Barcelona state that is built in the 18th century when there were only the sea is one of the most popular places in the vicinity of the beaches attack old Port and the aquarium of the city in the Barcelona restaurant is you can taste some of the best tapas and seafood of life

7.- You sell to Barcelona in the summer what better than to relax with a swim the city is home to more than 4 km of sandy beach where you can relax under the Mediterranean sun the most popular beaches are set Sebastian Nova Icaria nova Marvel and fórum del park

We must continue the list there are more beautiful places to discover

8.- In recent years was when we place of memorable FC Barcelona Barça stadium the biggest in Europe with over 5000 places more campnou houses the most visited museum in Spain the Barça Museum

9.- To finish LED beauty best Barcelona standpoint Santa Claus is another creation to shine a large colorful park decorated with mosaic and perfect sculpture for example picnic there you can enjoy a breathtaking view city ​​in the far west of Barcelona you will find the hill of Montjuïc in city locations with the most sport facilities there are the museum of Catalan Art and the Poble Espanyol coaches where replica instead of Spanish monument but if you want Montjuïc do not forget to see the magic fountain in action with its color and music fountains lights when you go to the top of the hill you will have incredible views of Barcelona from Montjuïc Castle
As you can see there are a multitude of things to do and see in Barcelona I hope you enjoy this glimpse and you’ll come soon discover the best sights and attractions of life

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Peñiscola is located in the north of the Valencian Community are the nearest airports are rious 100 km north of Valencia 150 km of the old town of Peñiscola and perched on an imposing rock 64 meters above the level sea ​​connected to the mainland by a strip of sand that is spectacular in class 2001 sea mountain landscape Mediterranean surely the National park of Serra d’Irta

Peñiscola enjoys an average annual temperature of 15 degrees the population has about 7892 inhabitants including many foreign residents

Playa Norte Peñiscola is closest to the city center this afternoon beach to dad slab castle Luna 5 km of fine golden sand child the main beach in the municipality

Where is the natural park of Sierra Irta for red shoes dotted with small towering cliff dishes that charming form of criticism

Peñiscola is famous for its castle fortress from the 14th century declared historic-artistic monument the castle is perched on a rock offering visitors a breathtaking view that is worth trying

The love of the citadel is a charming set of 510 houses built on behalf of Queen narrow streets and irregular layout retained the original medieval structure features by walking through the cobbled streets you will discover the charm

Park beach Peñiscola is a magical medieval city on the shores of the Mediterranean

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La Manga, the sea of tranquility

La Manga is located southeast of the Iberian Peninsula in the Murcia region, 75 km southeast of the city of Murcia where the nearest international airport La Manga del Mar Menor and a coastal strip of 21 name km with a width between 100 and 1200 meters 17 from cabo de Palos to the natural park of Salinas in San Pedro del Pinatar dry and warm climate the annual average temperature is 18 in summer the population may reach 200,000 residents while during the rest of the year does not exceed the 10,000 people La Manga has 44 kilometers of beach this beautiful strip of land in Pornic for rent the Mar Menor exceptional gravity of his face club session Mediterranean most of the beaches are bodies of water crystalline and all high environmental quality

The shallow depth and the absence of the great Mar Menor the ideal place to practice all water sports in addition to the creation of the Water Sports Centre offers a wide range of sporting activities for lovers of the sea.

La Manga has made available a wide range of leisure services distinguished by an excellent attention and its international character.

business park growth in this case is produced highlighting housing which enjoys enviable proximity to the sea and easy access to the service of the Sea and unusual landscape is a unique place for nature lovers and sports

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Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

Walking Valencia

The city of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast is the capital of the province the Valencian Community’s newly renovated international airport is just 8 km from the richest city center of Spain because of its important historical architecture of vanguard and of Global interest events converted Valencia online first-class tourist destination climate is Mediterranean with winters relatively mild, and it is and and the annual average temperature to moderate

Its agglomeration has 1556691 inhabitants who made the third largest city of Spain besides the five million tourists who visit each year.

The old town is bounded by the tramway line that marks the myth or until 1865 were the city walls and where are concentrated the most important monuments.

The Cathedral and its famous tower are the price she said the epicenter of the old city of Valencia symbol for visitors

The old river has been transformed into a park with large orchards and lungs in the city on each side is one of the main sites of the active commercial city and one of great importance in the Mediterranean
Minutes from the port is very close to the town center, they are impressive large beaches of flour and Malvarrosa the seafront promenade that runs along the beaches and recreation area by excellence, but it is good to enjoy the pleasant climate the city ​​and the median breaks along the 2 km from the city of sciences and arts and architecture known for its exceptionally beautiful this work of Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela became another symbol of the city visitors can discover so activate the various aspects related to science technology nature scarves inside this complex is the largest marine aquarium in Europe a fascinating journey through the seas and oceans of the world

Another obligatory visit especially for children and the bio park last generation zoological park that was created with the intention to immerse visitors in wild habitats

Constantly changing and the balance sheet and vanguard on the banks of the Mediterranean

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Plaza Spain

I have so much to see in Seville there are pool on the roof of a building where there is the Guadalquivir which never lies since it was finalized there windows wrought iron protects privacy definition help find roses and tiles legacy the Arab conquest and then preferably a plane hams Bellota ham unparalleled Seville and also the city with the football libertine places and have lived in the 14th it is especially the city of Columbus it rain on Seville color for years and then the beautiful Andalusian in love does not last 6 months

Start our tour by the cathedral bell tower called the sentence here it is the landmark with km with 704 meters high it is actually the old minaret of the great Almohad mosque smoking after full stop has been transformed into belfry you will be surprised by the attitude of the building no wonder this is the third building of Christianity after St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s in London you will find the greatest Flemish altarpiece of the world 20 meters high 45 cm of the life of Christ

A few hundred meters separates the Cathedral of the Alcazar access to this palatial it’s not the Puerta del Leone door built into a wall with the 11th century the Louvre on the first race it was the place of Muslim castle weapons can pass the climb offers a beautiful scarce currency front but the best examples of this tree will find them in the day in a room cut maples and in plaster patio testimony of more interesting Alcazar Almohad

Caesar in his sense of the ultimate expression of the art of the Andalusians he wanted a certain image of paradise

The barrio de Santa Cruz neighborhood of Seville which better preserve his home this is the city for example Brad Davis Service assigned this quarter after stopping involves I stay until the end of the 14th century before being expelled synagogue in the Jewish Quarter turned into Church is the case of Santa Maria la Blanca who converted to the Catholic faith in 1380

The real beauty here here he is with Spain instead of Céline most spectacular move before it was designed for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and form the chamber 170 meters symbolizing the welcoming Spain its former colonies in its center called marbled brick tiles eclectic mix neo-Renaissance Gothic emo rare Mudejar

Sevilla must be a city in France means the weekend is yet completed there will be so much to see it, it will be for next time

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Grenada capital of the homonymous province and belonging to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia has the international airport 20 km away from downtown the charm and Granada are matchless environment at the foot of the highest mountains of the peninsula Sierra Nevada is surrounded by lush forest that protects the jewel of the Alhambra.

Sierra Nevada influence climate of the city in the temperatures are very variable cold diversion and hot summers nearly 235000 people live in Granada the character of its people and extroverted and friendly pencil with strangers on a hill facing the sea is the old Muslim quarter of the finest

The legacy of the Islamic period that is ubiquitous to a mysterious architecture and the many tea house noraplan his past árabe
The most prestigious monument of Granada and the Alhambra undoubtedly declare World Heritage in 1994 simply spectacular this monumental complex was built between Decitre forests and sleep with the Sierra Nevada in three of its walls reveals the origins and is defensive incredible talent and garden can imagine the lives of kings and nobles Kiabi land many are the historical and religious monuments in Vienna must Cathedral considered the first Renaissance church

The city has a great cultural activity and dynamism is perceptible throughout the year, gastronomy and rich variety of art known tapas Granada at each consumer is served accompanied by a tapas on the house

The natural park of Sierra Nevada contains one of the best ski resorts km of track carefully packaged good service and excellent climate attracts thousands of people every year

For its cultural heritage fascinating unique beauty this city Granada and Dimitri visit at least once in his life

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Bilbao and the Guggenheim

Today we visit Bilbao Bizkaia we will know a little of Bilbao and its iconic Guggenheim museum but first we will lose us the forest and go 1 hour drive from the Guggenheim Museum at the entrance to the estuary round the famous Vizcaya biosphere discover a site where nature and unusual way unlike our modern-day adventurers course access to this outstanding site in minutes you’ll be both at the heart of forest and a work of art
a site that attracts artists thirsty walkers chart sensations this work was designed by the Basque artist Agustin Rivarol

So you may meet one of you with whom you share your experience in the forest of a thousand faces.

In the center of Bilbao watchdog Vaucluse open ports the famous Guggenheim Museum designed by architect Frank Gehry museum opened in 1997 the structure of the museum offer us a different perception of ISO programming the architecture and work of major contemporary artists around the world stayed Bilbao permanent exhibition will make your head spin and you enjoy getting lost in the Monumental sculpture by American artist Richard Serra after this visit will be brief time you will make a break near the sculpture Jeff Koons and you will realize the Sky Candy received loan

It is the best way a unique experience by taking part in our concept Bilbao Vizcaya they are invited Agur

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